Meet Your Skills

Do you want to improve your throwing technique?
Are you curious about your throwing speed and spin? Do you want to know how far you can throw?

GameProofer™ gives you all of this information and more.

GameProofer™ is a patent-pending smart tag with multiple sensors. It measures movement in all axis, whether it’s spinning, rotating, or moving horizontally and/or vertically. The tag is a bit larger than a two-euro/one-dollar coin, weighs about 9g/0.3oz with enclosure, and is completely dust and waterproof.

Together with the very low and optimized power consumption, and the built-in lithium battery, GameProofer™ enables several hours of use on a single charge. When it runs out of power, just place it on a wireless charger and off we go again.

The tag is optimally balanced, so it has minimal impact on the flight of the disc.

With the GameProofer™ mobile application, available in App Store and Google Play store, the user gets already processed, easy-to-read data and analytics, all in real time.

In the first version of the GameProofer™ application, you get the following data and features:

  • Arm speed
  • Flight speed
  • Speed ratio
  • Spin
  • Nose and Tilt angles
  • Vibration/Wobble, i.e. flight stability
  • Throw distance
  • Find-My-Disc
  • LED light for throwing in the dark

Further development brings many other cool features, such as throw profile, roll length and duration, quality of the release, etc.


GameProofer Oy is a Finnish technology startup company. The product is designed and made in Finland.