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How the GameProofer™ Tag is attached to the disc?

We use a specific very high bond industrial tape. It’s very important that you follow the instructions, when mounting the tag to your own disc. In particular, it is critical that you sandpaper the surface of the disc, and that you wait at least 24h to achieve the ultimate bond strength with the tape.

If I order just the tag, how to get it fixed to the disc?

If only the tag is ordered, the package includes the fixing tape, a wet wipe to clean the surface of the disc, and our special made tool to centralize the tag exactly into the middle of the disc. Follow closely the instructions, and you will achieve the best user experience.

Can the GameProofer™ Tag be installed on any disc? How will it affect the flight?

Adding the tag has the same impact as adding an LED light for throwing in the dark. It makes the disc more unstable. Therefore, we recommend that you select a stable or a slightly over-stable disc. We have tested many different discs and selected the ones which are now on sales because they had the best flight with the tag.

How to activate and turn on the GameProofer™ Tag?

Every GameProofer™ tag is delivered with a branded magnet, which is used to turn on, activate, and reboot the tag. So just hover the magnet on top of the tag, and it blink a short blue light and will turn on. Tag is turned off from the application.

What do I do if the tag comes off the disc?

Very sharp hit might bend the disc so much that the tag will pop out the disc. This might happen for example if you’re hitting a hard object (rock, wall, etc.) with the disc. In such cases, check that the enclosure of the tag is unbroken, and if the tape is still clean, you can follow the mounting instructions to get the tag re-mounted. If the tape is dirty, replace it and re-mount the tag to the disc. New tapes can be ordered from GameProofer™ web store.

Do you need a special charger to charge the GameProofer™ Tag?

No, you don’t. The tag is prepared to be charged with standard wireless chargers. We have tested many different chargers and few steps below is a list of verified chargers, as well as a list of non-working chargers.

How can you measure flight speed when throwing indoors without GPS?

When you throw the disc to the net, you must select the “Range mode” in the application. User sets the distance from the tee (release point) to the net (e.g. 6m/20ft) in the application. Algorithms and sensors will then take care of the rest. When throwing outside, GPS sensor will report the highest speed that it’s able to measure after the release.

Why do you require a minimum distance of 6m/20ft when throwing to the net?

Based on our analytics and high-speed camera footages, there is a lot of disturbances on the disc during the first tens of milliseconds after the release. To achieve the best possible accuracy with certain parameters (e.g. spin), we want the flight of the disc to stabilize during the throw. You can throw GameProofer™ also from a shorter distance, but then the data accuracy might suffer a bit and you might not get all the metrics from your throw.

We are working with updated algorithms to shorten the minimum distance.

How to charge the tag?

For the most comfortable charging experience, consider
following aspects:

  • Make sure that your charger does not have magnets on it (e.g. Apple MagSafe). Our tag is activated and rebooted with magnet so the chargers with magnets will create a rebooting loop.
  • Charge the tag on top of the wireless charger, to have a contact with the tag and the wireless charger as well as to see the led lights properly.
  • If your wireless charger is very thin, place something underneath it to lift a it a bit from the table surface. This way you may place the tag with disc properly on top of the wireless charger.
  • Make sure that the tag is positioned in the middle of the charger. Charging coils of the tag and the charger must be aligned.

Which wireless chargers are verified?

BoostCharge Pro, 15W

Belkin Wireless
Charging Pad 10W

Dacota Platinium
15W (non magsafe version)

Wireless Charger 10W

Hama Wireless
Charger 10W 00201683

Ideal Of Sweden
Wireless Charger 10W

Wireless charger 5W

TW08 5W

Wireless charger 10W

UF005 15W

Wave Wireless
Charging Base with Magnet 15W

Zens Aluminium
15W ZESC14B/00

Wireless chargers that do not work.

Typically wireless charger with magnets do not work well

MagSafe Charger

LIVBOJ 5W - 404.470.51
Nordmärke - 5W 804.721.14 Nordmärke 5W - 304.729.89

Wireless charger 15W

Wireless Charger
TOVYS-KC-N5 5W (over heats the tag)

Is there any difference if I have/buy 5W, 10W or 15W wireless charger?

No, it has no difference.

What does ATH mean in the app feature fields?

ATH stand for All Time High

Can I change the units to feet and mph?

Yes you can. If you go to ”Your profile” and select ”Settings” from the top right corner. Second option from the top is ”Measurements”, where you can select the units either in metric or in imperial (Standard US).


Arm Speed

Initial velocity of the tag/disc (in km/h or mph) before it's released from hand.

Flight Speed

Highest speed (in km/h or mph) of the tag/disc after it has been released from hand. In principle, comparable to Radar Speed.

Speed Ratio

The ratio in between the Flight Speed and Arm Speed (in percentage).


Spin of the disc after release (in RPM).

Wobble (Vibration)

How much the tag wobbles or vibrates after the release from hand, in degrees.

Overall Distance

Overall distance in meters/feet from point of the throw until the tag has stopped moving.

Only available in FIELD-mode.


Shows the tag(s) position on the map.

Nose Angle [COMING SOON Estimated in Mid-May]

The nose angle of the disc when it's released from the hand, in degrees.

Tilt Angle [COMING SOON - Estimated in Mid-May]

The tilt angle of the disc (hyzer/unhyzer), when it's released from the hand, in degrees.

Flight Duration and Distance [COMING IN 2024]

Flight time in seconds and flight distance in meters/feet until the disc first hits something (ground, tree, stone, etc,).

Only available in FIELD mode.

Rolling Duration and Distance [COMING IN 2024]

Roll Duration in seconds and Distance in meters/feets from the first hit until the tag has stopped moving.

Only available in FIELD mode.

Flight Pattern [COMING IN 2024]

2D-flight path in FIELD mode.


Version 1.3.1 - 16.05.2024

‘My discs’ view

  • sorting of tags into connected/disconnected tabs (plus ordering by tag name)

‘Previous chucks’ view:

  • Possibility to reset (Clear) filters
  • Display timestamp selection in the sortBy filter options
  • Fixed date pickers (start date/end date) in filters
  • Incorrect throws (e.g., flightSpeed > armSpeed) are not brought into the filter search results at all when sortBy selection is flightSpeed, speedRatio or distance
  • Throws matching the filters can be downloaded as a CSV file.

Displaymessage for successful/unsuccessful throw deletion


  • An indicator of unread notifications is displayed next to the clock icon in the upper left corner
  • Highlighting unread notifications


  • When the battery is charging, the percentages are hidden and the logic of how the icon bars flash during charging has been changed.
  • An in-app notification is displayed when the battery is fully charged and when it is nearly empty.

ATH values do not take into account deleted throws

Version 1.3.0 - 10.05.2024

  • Improved Arm Speed algoritms
  • Improved GPS functionality in Field-mode
  • Shorter Distance for Range-mode (3m/10ft)
  • Sorting, Filtering and deleting previous chucks
  • Battery charging & percentage optimization
  • New charging led pattern (Red - Yellow - Green)
  • Minor functional updates
  • General bug fixes

Version 1.2.0 - 10.03.2024

  • Firmware update fixes (Android 14)
  • Optimized ‘Find-My-Disc’
  • Improved tag-app connection
  • Slight changes to start view

Version 1.1.1 - 05.03.2024

Fixes to disc naming (during pairing)

In the “Your latest chuck” view, only the discs that are connected are now shown in the disc selection

Changes related to the battery level display

Your latest chucks and Previous chucks view:

  • Warning icon and a popup are displayed for flight speed and speed ratio if a GPS connection has not been obtained (in Field mode)

Version 1.1.0 - 27.02.2024

  • When the application is launched, it automatically selects the first disc that it
    connects to
  • Range-mode adjustments
  • The selected Range distance is displayed in the selector (in the top bar)
  • Attention icon appears when
    flight speed > arm speed
  • Automatic battery level update
  • Power off fixes (“disconnected” state did not update properly before)
  • Firmware version added to disc information (under the name in the list).
  • “Up-to-date” badge removed from disc information and “Update available” badge added when an update is available
    for that disc
  • Fixes made at the interface end for firmware update retrieval (debug/release).
  • Metric/imperial problem fixed (at the interface end)
  • Other generic bug fixes

Version 1.0.0 - 24.02.2024

First release