Changes Nothing. Changes Everything.

GameProofer™ Tag is a patent pending, next generation smart tag packed with sensors and intelligence. GameProofer™ App is a hub for all insight about your throw.

The GameProofer™ App

The app is a hub for all insight about your throw.

With the GameProofer app at your fingertips, you'll embark on a journey of discovery, fine-tuning every aspect of your game with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

Discover the amazing features

The Tag's sensors feed you with a data to help you Meet Your Skills!

  • Arm Speed

  • Spin

  • Wobble

  • Flight Speed

  • Distance

  • Tilt

  • Nose Angle

  • Speed Ratio

Meet Your Skills

GameProofer™ Tag isn't just another ordinary accessory – it's a game-enhancing marvel designed to unlock the full potential of every throw.

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