About GameProofer

GameProofer is a patent pending, next generation smart chip, which has several sensors integrated into a single PCB. Chip is approximately a size of a two-euro coin, and weights only few grams. Together with ultra-low and optimized power consumption, and an inbuilt Li-Ion battery, GameProofer enables you to operate for several hours with a single charge. When you run out off power, just hook it into a wireless charger and you will soon be ready for action again. GameProofer chip measures all movement in all axis, whether the device is rotating, spinning, or moving horizontally and/or vertically. Thanks to a wireless charging, chip can be integrated inside of a device, bat, stick, racket, you name it. Chip is also well balanced so it has a minimal impact on the performance of a device where it's hooked on. With the mobile application under development, the user will receive already processed, easy-to-read data and analytics from the device, in real time. GameProofer chip and the data it provides, will soon be seen in many different sports. Even in those, where it's not been possible earlier, like now in disc golf.

GameProofer Team


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