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General information

Want to improve your throw? Interested in the throw speed and/or spin of your throw? Want to know, how far you throw?

GameProofer™ tells you all this and more.

GameProofer™ is a patent-pending smart tag with multiple sensors. It measures movement in all axis, whether it’s spinning, rotating, or moving horizontally and/or vertically. The tag is a bit larger than a two-euro/one-dollar coin, weighs about 9g with enclosure, and is completely dust and waterproof.

Together with the very low and optimized power consumption, and the built-in lithium battery, GameProofer™ enables several hours of use on a single charge. When it runs out of power, just hook it into a wireless charger and off we go again.

The tag is optimally balanced, so it has minimal impact on the flight of the disc.

With the mobile application under development, the user gets already processed, easy-to-read data and analytics, all in real time. Application will be released on Q4/2023.

In the first version of the GameProofer™ application, you get the following data and features:

- Throw speed
- Flight speed
- Speed ratio (of the previous two)
- Spin
- Vibration, i.e. flight stability
- Throw distance
- Find-My-Disc
- LED light for throwing in the dark

Further development brings many other cool features, such as throw angles (nose and tilt), throw profile, roll length and duration, quality of the release, etc.

First 200 units of the pre-order production batch will be manufactured as "Collector's series". Those tags will be numbered and hand-engraved.

Technical specifications

Dimensions of the disc golf tag (incl. enclosure):
  - Diameter: 39mm/1.53in
  - Thickness: 6,9mm/0.27in
  - Weight: 9g/0.32oz
Wireless protocol: BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
Bluetooth range: +150m in the air
Li-Po battery with wireless charging
  - Lasts approx. 3h of continuous use
  - Full charge in less than 1h
Operating temperature: -10°C to +40°C (charging indoors only)
Dust and waterproof enclosure
1-year warranty

General warranty terms

GameProofer™ General Warranty Terms and Conditions

GameProofer Oy (“Guarantor”), shall guarantee good quality and proper functioning of the purchased device if used in the manner appropriate for the purpose thereof and in accordance with the operation guidelines, and shall provide warranty services subject to the following conditions:

1.  This Warranty covers the defects resulting from defective parts, materials or manufacturing, if such defects are revealed during the period of 12 months from the date of product delivery.

2.  The device is considered defective if it fails to perform the functions as indicated in the operation guidelines, technical specifications or any other similar documents supplied with the equipment, and the failure is due to internal device characteristics.

3.  The Warranty does not cover:
Natural wear and tear or damage resulting therefore;
Mechanical or electric damages resulting from incorrect usage or other activities inconsistent with the operation guidelines or contradictory to technical specifications attached to the device;
The device that has been tempered with by the Warranty beneficiary or any other person in any way, including reconfiguration, repair, willful constructional variations, modifications and adjustments;
The device with serial numbers and/or the Guarantor seals damaged or illegible;
Damages due to the user's fault or lack of knowledge;

4.  The Guarantor reserves the right to replace the defective device or its component with a free-of-defects equivalent thereof, provided that such equivalent ensures efficiency and functionality equal to or higher than the original device or component. The replaced defective device or components shall become the property of the Guarantor.

5.  The Guarantor shall not be held responsible for the loss and restoration of any software or data.

6.  The Guarantor reserves the right to refuse to provide any Warranty services if it would result in a breach of applicable laws.